Miniland Group is a Spanish holding company with four business lines including baby products, educational toys, and promotional items.
Miniland Baby Childcare is the pinnacle of the market offering the most technologically advanced, healthy, and safe products for baby. In addition, Miniland Educational is a leading brand in the European market for toys and educational materials.
Thus, Miniland Baby and Miniland Educational serve the life cycle of children from birth to 14 years old.
Since it began operating in 1962 as auxiliary industry for toy companies in the area, Miniland has invested heavily in the areas of testing to assure our customers that our products meet the most stringent safety and quality standards.
In addition, Miniland has customer service, full warehouse facilities and a logistics department to meet both domestic and international demands. It was in 2002 when Miniland obtained ISO 9001 certification, becoming one of the first Spanish childcare and children’s products companies to obtain it.
Our Commercial Department, specializing in childcare and toy industry is composed of an outstanding team with extensive experience in both domestic and international trade.
Currently, the U.S., Europe, and the Middle East are our main brand objectives, but we also intend to continue our business expansion into Africa and Asia. For the U.S. market, Miniland has opened Miniland Educational Corp., a subsidiary, based with offices, logistics, and warehouse facilities in Miami. The opening of this subsidiary was a quantum leap in our international expansion.
In short, Miniland is a company in full expansion, which supports development with the constant innovation of its products, continued expansion of trade, direct and personal contact with customers, and keen attention to the needs of the consumer.
In 2012, Miniland turned 50. This celebration was a major milestone for Miniland Group. We see the coming years as a great opportunity to keep improving every day and growing in quality and service.