BanBaoCo., Ltd.
Address: Block 13-09 Jinyuan Industry Area,
Chaoshan Road, Shantou, Guangdong, China .
Tel  : +86-0754-88118307
Fax : +86-0754-88209111

was founded in 2003, isa professional high-tech manufacturer specializedin the research,   development and production of educationalplastic block  toysand infant preschoolblock toys. Thecompany, occupying65,800 square meters,  hasbuilt factories, offices,dormitories and warehouses in it. BanBaohas its precision  precision mouldworkshop with intelligent control system, hasmore than 90 plastic injection machines, andcreates automatic assemblyandpacking
machines  for plastic blocks.
 Allthe products are under its andprovides sales service to the retailers and the end-users.canalways free of copyright BanBao is recognized as a global brand.
BanBao team always dedicates to do theresearch and development, to create new productsfor all children and build ablock world full of fun and creativity.
Wewelcome all friends and partners in the toys industrywork together to seek commondevelopment and create a better future!